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Need advice on a pending Arapahoe DUI? Colorado DUI penalties include loss of driver's license and mandatory jail in many cases. Get a free telephone consultation with an experienced Arapahoe DUI Lawyer! We also serve Adams, Boulder, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson counties. Call 1.877.362.9091 now .

Colorado's DUI (a.k.a. DWI or OUI)laws and penalties are among the toughest in the nation. The State's "legal limit" of 0.05 BAC is the lowest in the United States. Even a first Arapahoe DUI can land you in jail. If jail is required some judges will not authorize in-home detention/ ankle monitor particularly if your alcohol level was above 0.15 BAC. Penalties for second Colorado DUI include mandatory jail, in some cases without work release or electronic monitoring. A third Colorado DUI, DWAI or DUID is punishable by sixty days mandatory jail without possibility of in-home detention / ankle monitor. Any prior conviction can be counted even if it occurred thirty years ago in another state. Denver Criminal CourtsLindsay Flanigan Courthouse - Denver The jail periods above are only mandatory minimums. Under Colorado's DUI law you may be sentenced to one year in jail for any DUI, DUID or second DWAI. A second year in jail is possible if court ordered probation is not completed satisfactorily. For example, Denver will usually require at least 90 days jail for a probation violation.

Consulting with a DUI attorney as soon as possible after you are released from custody makes good sense considering the possible consequences. Most Colorado DUI lawyers will give you a few minutes of their time without charge. I provide a free telephone consultation, lasting about 15-30 minutes during which time we can discuss the facts of your case. was started in 1998 to help people facing Colorado drunk driving charges. Since then the website has grown to include information on just about every topic relevant to a Colorado DUI. Below, you will find some simple first steps you should take if you are fighting a drunk driving charge. Part II discusses driver's license consequences. Part III concerns Criminal Penalties for Colorado DUIs. For out-of-state residents please review Colorado DUI law for Non-residents.

Fighting a Arapahoe County Colorado DWAI, DUI or DUID

Most people arrested for drunk driving are pretty shaken up for a few days after their arrest. Still, what you do in the hours and days after a DUI arrest can greatly influence the outcome of your case. Here are a few simple steps you should take to soon after you are released:

2015 Felony DUI Bill

A whole new array of DUI penalties are being considered as part of Colorado House Bill 15-1043 - the Felony DUI bill being pushed by Governor Hickenlooper! If passed the bill would make the following alcohol related driving offenses a felony:

Without a doubt, the potential consequences of getting a DUI conviction in Colorado are becoming more serious.

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